Welcome to Citywalk Church!

Here at Citywalk we know Yuba City doesn’t need just another church. Yuba City needs an alternative to church as usual. A church that tears down every unnecessary barrier so that people feel safe to come as they are and to hear about Jesus, regardless of whether or not they buy into everything we say.

At Citywalk, you’ll meet a gathering of REAL people who believe in JESUS and want to see our city changed by His love. You’ll meet people who want to walk with you through whatever you’re going through. Whether you are a Jesus follower, atheist, agnostic or skeptic, we’ve designed our environments with YOU in mind. We want you to know, we are in your corner, and you aren’t alone. None of us are perfect, but Jesus is, and we are HIS church. So, don’t change anything before you come. Just be you.

What to Expect:

Before you even get out of your car, you will be GREETED by someone who is genuinely happy you are here!

You will find plenty of signs and people to help you get to where you need to be, whether it’s to get your kids checked in to City Kids, or over to the Café to get your free cup of COFFEE.

You can expect exciting and POWERFUL WORSHIP as well as meaningful and RELEVANT TRUTH being taught.

Most importantly, you can find a life-giving COMMUNITY where you belong long before you believe.