unfiltered jesus part 8


We are often looking at Jesus through filters we have created. The invitation is to come and see the real Jesus. We may be following a man who we don’t really know, and a generation may be walking away from following a man who doesn’t really exist. The picture we have of Jesus may be an Instagram Jesus. In other words, what we want Jesus to look like and what we want Him to be. The truth is Jesus is a disruptive force. The unfiltered Jesus has the power to disrupt your life in the best possible way. Remember Jesus came to destroy the walls that separate us and to seek and save the lost. Jesus’ love can tear down any wall. This week we want to consider how important it is for us to realize that our faith is not fragile. Jesus is not fragile. We are invited to be fearless and intellectually curious.



1. Why has the teaching of Jesus been taken for granted? Why do you sometimes take Jesus’ teaching for granted?


2. Discuss how Jesus’ impact on the world is unprecedented.


3. Pastor Chris said, “Our faith is not in a book, it’s anchored in an event in history.” He followed that statement by stating, “The Bible didn’t catapult Christianity, the resurrection catapulted Christianity.” Read 1 Corinthians 15:14. Discuss why these statements are true and the reasons Jesus’ teaching is not easy to dismiss.


4. Why do we need to be fearless in engaging our culture? What stops us from engaging our culture? (more than fear) Discuss what it means to love God with all your mind.


5. What are some steps you can take to keep your faith from becoming fragile?


6. There are three things Pastor Chris mentioned we should do. Be a learner, a listener, and light. Discuss how you can make those things part of who you are. How can you help each other in those areas?



We have nothing to fear. We have been given all we need to engage our culture. In the coming week determine to seek God with all your heart. Read Jeremiah 29:13. As you focus your mind on God and seek Him with your whole heart, look for ways to make a difference in those around you.