unfiltered jesus pt. 6


We are often looking at Jesus through filters we have created. The invitation is to come and see the real Jesus. We may be following a man who we don’t really know, and a generation may be walking away from following a man who doesn’t really exist. The picture we have of Jesus may be an Instagram Jesus. In other words, what we want Jesus to look like and what we want Him to be. The truth is Jesus is a disruptive force. The unfiltered Jesus has the power to disrupt your life in the best possible way.

Remember Jesus came to destroy the walls that separate us and to seek and save the lost. Jesus’ love can tear down any wall.


1.  What happens when people try to control Jesus? What does it mean that Jesus disrupted ideas, systems, and viewpoints?


2.  Discuss the impact of John 13:34-35 on your life.


3.  Why is it important to view sin through the filter of love?


4.  To respond to sin with anger doesn’t work. Why? Read Romans 2:4 and discuss how this changes everything.


5.  Why is sin such a big deal? Discuss the thought “as long as what I do doesn’t hurt anyone else…”


6.  How does having love as a filter change how we respond to sin? Talk about the statement, “When we use the Bible as a weapon, we misuse the Bible.”


7.  When we pray, “Jesus, I want to feel the hurt because of sin rather than feel hatred because of sin,” how will that change our lives? Share ways you can put that prayer into practice in your life.



Galatians 5:14 The entire law is summed up in a single command. Love your neighbor as yourself. This is truly the game changer. We cannot allow sin to keep us from loving others and they must feel love from us. This love is what the world needs to see.