unfiltered Jesus part 4


We are often looking at Jesus through filters we have created. The invitation is to come and see Jesus. What we know is when we see Jesus as He is He is a disruptive force. The unfiltered Jesus has the power to disrupt your life in the best possible way. The unfiltered Jesus did not promise you a pain-free life. However, He did promise to be with you through all your difficulties and use it for His glory.


Discussion Questions:

1. What is the fallacy with the statement “If you just have enough faith”? How have you seen the error of this statement affect people?


2. When you are in a painful situation and trying to follow Christ, what do you know to be true? How do you react?


3. In John 11:5-7 Jesus is not quick to respond. When Jesus is slow to answer your request, what anxieties arise in your life? What is your reaction to the statement, “Jesus will stop at nothing to expand our trust and faith in Him”?


4. Discuss Pastor Chris’s statement “layers of doubt, disbelief only arise in the dark.” Share a time this was true in your life.


5. We often feel as Martha and Mary felt, “Lord if only you had been here.” In verse 35 we see the reaction Jesus had enter into their situation. Why did Jesus cry? What does his reaction mean to you in your life?


6. Is it wrong to wrestle with God? Why or why not?


7. Share what Jesus wants you to know as you walk through difficult times.



One day if we are not already experiencing difficult times we will. In that experience we will be tempted to ask “Where are you God?” There will be others who will ask the same question. When we find ourselves in that situation we need to keep in mind the following. First, remember the truths of this lesson. Second, be available to help others through difficult times. This is one of the joys of Community Groups. You are there for each other to do life together. What are some things for which your group can pray with you?