unfiltered jesus part 3


We are often looking at Jesus through filters we have created. The invitation is to come and see the real Jesus. We may be following a man who we don’t really know, and a generation may be walking away from following a man who doesn’t really exist. The picture we have of Jesus may be an Instagram Jesus. In other words, what we want Jesus to look like and what we want Him to be. The truth is Jesus is a disruptive force. The unfiltered Jesus has the power to disrupt your life in the best possible way.

Discussion Questions:
1. Pastor Chris began his sermon by saying, “I wonder what your expectations of Jesus are.” He also asked, “What does Jesus expect of you?” Spend a few minutes discussing the impact of these questions in your life.

2. Read Luke 15:11-14. How did the expectations of the young man change? How did the different expectations change his life? If you lower your expectations how will it affect your life? What should desperation lead us to do?

3. Discuss the statement Jesus is more concerned with direction than perfection. What are the implications of that statement in your life?

4. The older brother’s problem was with expectations. He thought, “I deserve a time of celebration and my brother deserves judgment.” How could this thinking impact your life?

5. Why is the statement “Jesus desires your presence before your obedience” so powerful?

6. How does this parable speak to what kind of church do we need to be? What does that mean you will have to do?

This week make it a point to remember and share, there is no sin that can keep you from Christ. Your worst self is never more loved or less loved. Nothing can take you further than where God’s grace can reach you. That is something to celebrate.