unfiltered JEsus part 2


We are often looking at Jesus through filters we have created. The invitation is to come and see the real Jesus. We may be following a man who we don’t really know, and a generation may be walking away from following a man who doesn’t really exist. The picture we have of Jesus may be an Instagram Jesus. In other words, what we want Jesus to look like and what we want Him to be like. The truth is Jesus is a disruptive force. The unfiltered Jesus has the power to disrupt your life in the best possible way.


Discussion Questions:

1. Discuss the definition of religion that was shared. “When I obey the rules Jesus accepts me, when I disobey the rules Jesus distances Himself from me.”


2. We think that Jesus came to be killed but Jesus came to kill stuff. Talk about some of the things that Jesus came to kill.


3. Why is it important to understand why Jesus was angry with religion?


4. Read Mark 2:23. Pastor Chris mentioned several different aspects about religious rules. He stated that rules can be stupid. Why? Discuss why hiding behind religious rules is not in our best interest. What is it that religious rules can never do?


5. Read Mark 3:1-6. Discuss the applications that were made from this scripture. Honestly ask yourself “How religious am I?” What do I feel like I need to hide? What would people feel like they need to hide from me?


6. Focus on the question, “What does love demand?” We often focus on what does the law require; or on what people are going to think. Share what love demands of you and how that will change your life.



This week as you go through your daily routine keep asking yourself, “What does love demand of me?” Then put into practice what love demands.