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Skeptic Part 4


Whether you grew up in church or not there are times we have all grappled with questions about God and Christianity. During our skeptic series our goal has been to begin a discussion around these questions by looking at some insights and perspectives that we may not have considered before. This week we closed the series by considering a question Jesus asked his disciples that would mark the rest of their lives and eternity.


1.   Pastor Chris opened his message by talking about times in our lives that we asked awkward questions we didn’t know we shouldn’t have asked. What is an example of a time you or your kids asked a question that created an awkward moment?

2.   If you grew up going to church, did you feel it was a safe place to ask questions or grapple with doubts? If you didn’t grow up in church, what was your opinion of churches as it relates to questions? What caused you to think this way?

3.   After Jesus fed the 5000, he was at the height of his popularity. Why do you think he purposely thinned the crowd with his teaching? Put yourself in the twelve disciples’ shoes, what do you think you would have been feeling, watching the crowd thin out?

4.   Read John 6:66-69 as a group. People’s view and expectation of Jesus changed, which is why many of them walked away. In the American Church, what do you think are some wrong views or expectations of Jesus we sometimes have?

5.   How does 1 John 2:19 speak to the reasons people walk away from Jesus?

6.   Peter responds to Jesus question (Do you want to go away as well?) by saying, “To whom shall we go?” What do you think Peter had seen in Jesus that would bring him to this response? Even as he was watching so many others walk away? What have you experienced in your relationship with Jesus that would cause you to say the same thing


We have a choice to follow or reject Jesus. If we decide to say, “No” to Jesus it is important that we remember we are saying, “Yes” to something else.