Heart Detox Part 3 


As children, we were likely taught some form of behavioral modification. Now that we are older, we have learned to keep close tabs on our words and behavior using sophisticated filters. Unfortunately, every once in a while, our filter breaks down and we say or do something that we regret. While behavior is important, it was not Jesus’ priority when he came to earth. Jesus came to save and transform the heart. With that in mind, how is your heart? 

Discussion Questions: 

1. Read Proverbs 4:23 as a group in a few translations. Why do you think we avoid dealing with what is in our hearts? What are some of the consequences we will experience if we pretend the issues are not there? 

2. How have you seen guilt leveraged in relationships? Why is it so destructive? 

3. Read Romans 2:4 as a group. Why do you think God chose kindness instead of guilt to bring people to repentance (changing their mind about God)? 

4. Gaining freedom from guilt requires bringing our issues into the light by confessing them to God and to others. Pastor Chris pointed out that “Confession doesn’t hurt people. Sin hurts people. Concealment hurts people.” What are some of the lies we believe that keep us from doing this and gaining freedom? 

5. Read Romans 8:38-39 as a group. How does knowing we can never be separated from God’s love give us confidence to walk in the light? How can we lean into guilt instead of avoiding it? 

6. What are the consequences on our family if we choose to create a culture of concealment, instead of one of walking in the light? 


Are you carrying guilt in your heart? You don’t have to. In fact, you were never meant to. Decide to walk in the light and confess what you have been carrying to others this week. It probably won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Freedom is available to you.