Heart Detox Part 2


As children, we were likely taught some form of behavioral modification. Now that we are older, we have learned to keep close tabs on our words and behavior using sophisticated filters. Unfortunately, every once in a while, our filter breaks down and we say or do something that we regret. While behavior is important, it was not Jesus’ priority when he came to earth. Jesus came to save and transform the heart. With that in mind, how is your heart?


Discussion Questions:

1.  Read Proverbs 4:23 as a group. With that verse in mind what does the statement “You are only as healthy as your heart” mean in your current stage of life?

2.  This week Pastor Chris defined envy as “looking to something or someone else to tell me I’m ok.” Where do you find yourself looking to tell yourself everything is ok? What is the danger in this?

3.  Proverbs 14:30 says, “Envy rots the bones.” What do you think Solomon meant when he wrote this? How do we mask or filter our envy so that no one sees the ugliness in our heart?

4.  Pastor Chris asked, “Could it be that our real issue is with God and not the people we envy?” Why is it important that we admit that sometimes we feel like God owes us? What part does “being fair” play in how God works? Why should we be happy that God is not fair (Romans 6:23a)?

5.  As a group, walk through the four steps Pastor Chris gave us for gaining victory over envy. Why is each step important? Which step do you find hardest?

  • Admitting I sometimes believe God owes me.

  •  Confessing our envy to someone.

  •  Celebrating what God has given others and leveraging what he has given you.

  • Shifting our reference point to Jesus.


Most of us are tempted to envy others on a regular basis. Instead of obeying the flesh, ask God to help you rejoice with those who rejoice. This can only happen if we are satisfied in Jesus.