Heart Detox Part 1


As children, we were likely taught some form of behavioral modification. Now that we are older, we have learned to keep close tabs on our words and behavior using sophisticated filters. Unfortunately, every once in a while, our filter breaks down and we say or do something that we regret. While behavior is important, it was not Jesus’ priority when he came to earth. Jesus came to save and transform the heart. With that in mind, how is your heart?

Discussion Questions:

1.  Growing up, each of us had rules that we had to keep in our home. What was the craziest rule your parents had for you?

2.  Sometimes, without trying, we find ourselves putting all of our focus on the outward (behavior, image, etc.). What would you point to as the cause for this focus?

3.  Read James 4:1-3 individually and then out loud as a group? What word or phrases stand out to you and why? What does this passage say about the causes behind our actions?

4.  Pastor Chris mentioned that Proverbs 4:23 was written by a father to his sons. Read verses 23-27. Why do you think the writer talks about the heart prior to the mouth, eyes, and feet? What can we learn as parents from this?

5.  Chris said “Jesus did not give his life to modify our behavior, but to transform our heart.” How does this reality give us hope as we seek to detox our hearts?  



Many times the weight you feel in your heart is a window into what God wants to reveal. Instead of avoiding the weight, lean into it and listen to what Jesus is trying to show you.