No one starts off their marriage or parenting journey hoping to be a train wreck. In fact for most we spend time, resources, and energy preparing to have a happy home. Unfortunately it doesn’t usually go as expected and the picture we had of the perfect home isn’t usually the way it plays out. In our series Bless this Home we are examining what Jesus said about the source of a life that is blessed. His teaching has the potential to change our lives and our homes.



1.  How did your family handle conflict growing up? How has that affect you personally and how you handle conflict in your life today?


2.  Read Matthew 5:9 and discuss the differences between a Peacekeeper and a Peacemaker. Do you find yourself naturally being a keeper or maker of peace? Why do you think you lean that direction?


3. Pastor Chris said “When selfishness walks in the door, Peace heads out the back”. What part does selfishness play in conflict? What part does selfishness play in how we handle conflict?


4.  Read Philippians 2:5-11. What do we learn in this passage about how Jesus handled conflict and sought to make peace?


5.  Pastor Chris read Philippians 2:3-4 and encouraged us to “Live with a posture of humility”. What does that look like practically in your relationships at home, work, and/or school.


6.  Much of how we handle conflict biblically takes place in conversations. What are practical insights we can glean from Eph 4:15 and Col 3:13 that will help us in these conversations?



Our view and response to conflict has the potential to impact those we love long after we are gone. In reliance on Jesus we must step into conflict from a posture of humility and be a peacemaker.