Bless this Home part 1



No one starts off their marriage or parenting journey hoping to be a train wreck. Most of us spend time, resources, and energy preparing to have a happy home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually go as expected and the picture we had of the perfect home isn’t usually the way it plays out. In our series, Bless this Home, we are examining what Jesus said about the source of a life that is blessed. His teaching has the potential to change our lives and our homes.



1.  When you think of the phrase, “Blessed Home,” what comes to mind? Describe that home. How might the world’s definition of a blessed home be different from a follower of Jesus’s definition?


2.  Pastor Chris said, “Our appetites are the starting line to our destinations.” How does this principle play out for good or bad in a family? Why is it important that we are honest about our appetites?


3.  Read Matthew 5:6 and 6:33. What similarities do you see in these passages. What word or phrase stands out to you in either of these verses and why?


4.  Pastor Chris talked about the importance of modeling a hunger for God in our lives. This starts with answering the question, “Is Jesus Enough?” Why is answering this question so important in this process? What are other practical ways we can model a hunger for God?


5.  Part of creating a hunger for God in our homes is making God part of our everyday conversations. What are practical ways that you have seen work well in your family?


6.  Whether we like it or not we are unable to change the hearts of our family members, which should drive us to our knees. Who in your family can we pray for with you?




Our legacy in many ways is tied to our appetites. May those who know you best one day say he/she hungered for righteousness.