1.  Religious tradition is very powerful and has an affect on our preferences. If you grew up in church what part did baptism play in it? Was it a big deal and if so why?

2.  Pastor Chris said “Baptism is not a condition for salvation but an evidence of salvation”. Read Ephesians 2:8-10 as a group. What part do we play in salvation? What part do good works (like baptism) play?

3.  Read Acts 16:22-33 as a group. What stands out to you about Paul’s response to the jailer’s question in verse 30? What past did baptism play that evening?

4.  Why is baptism such a big deal if it has nothing to do with salvation? How is it powerful  for the person being baptized, For the long time follower of Jesus watching, For the person who is investigating faith watching?

5.  What do you think stops people who are following Jesus from being baptized?

6.  Take time to thank God for those who went public with their faith this past weekend.



Identification is powerful. If you are a follower of Jesus one of the greatest steps, you can take is to publicly identify as his follower by being baptized. You will never regret following Jesus’s example and being baptized.