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Faithfulness in our society is something we admire yet there are so many instances where it is not lived out. Instead of commitment many focus on convenience. The book of Genesis documents the life of a young man named Joseph who faced incredible adversity yet chose to be faithful. Joseph understood God was with him and had a plan and as a result we celebrate his example of faithfulness.


1. Who are some of the people in your life who are examples of faithfulness even through adversity?

2. Joseph was abandoned by his family, falsely accused, and forgotten in prison yet remained faithful. How do you think knowing God was with him and had a plan set the foundation for his faithfulness?

3. What does the phrase “long obedience in the same direction” mean as it relates to sticking with things when they are tough?

4. What are specific ways we can teach the importance and practice of faithfulness to the next generation. What are the consequences if we don’t do this well?

5. How did the tough times in Joseph’s life prepare him for the task of being second in command and leading Egypt through famine? What can we learn about challenges in our life from this example?

6  Review Genesis 45:1-8. Would you be able to forgive the way Joseph did? What truth must Joseph have understood to be able to have the perspective he had and be willing to forgive his brothers.


You may never find yourself falsely accused in a prison far from the people you love the most like Joseph but you will face challenging times. Understanding God is with you and has a plan