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In our society, we are drawn to the stories of heroes, whether they are on the movie screen or in our community. Heroes entertain and inspire us to dream and live courageously. The Scriptures contain many people who are considered heroes. They are people who did extraordinary things in the face of tremendous obstacles. During our series, “Age of Heroes,” we are going to examine some of their lives. They inspire us, not because of their ability, but because of their great God.



1. Akeem spoke about how the ways of God can be unappealing and seem irrelevant when we are afraid, angry or isolated. How do these troubles take us outside of the ways of God? If you feel comfortable, share an example.

2. King David wrote about God being his refuge. Share a moment where you felt God’s presence and experienced his grace after making a bad decision from a place of fear, isolation or anger?

3. When we dwell in fear, anger and abandonment, who do these feelings put at risk? How?

4. What can we do as a community to protect each other from fear, isolation and anger?

5. Identify someone this week who might be struggling that you can encourage by sharing your story? Pray for them as a group.