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age of heroes part 2



In our society we are drawn to the stories of heroes, whether they are on the movie screen or in our community. Heroes entertain and inspire us to dream and live courageously. Throughout the scriptures we find many people we consider heroes. They are people who did extraordinary things in the face of tremendous obstacles. During our series Age of Heroes we are going to examine the lives of some of these people throughout the pages of scripture. Their lives inspire us not because of their ability but because of their great God.


1.  Chris began his message talking about the importance of honor. In ancient times honor was given to someone who had children. Do you think honor has an important part in our society? What are some of the reasons people receive honor today?

2.  Hannah was insecure because she was unable to have children while others around her had several. Have you experienced a time that you were waiting on God for something while others around you seemed to be flourishing in that area?

3.  Read Romans 8:29. What is God’s goal for each of us? How could waiting on God help in this process?

4.  “Insecurity shows itself when we place the weight on the results” Why do you think we are intoxicated by results in our lives and society? How have you seen this statement play out in your own life?

5.  When we understand that “Results are from God and for God” how does that change the way we walk through life?

6.  Instead of living with insecurity based on results we are called to be faithful in the process. The process we talked about Sunday is 1. Pray – from a place of dependence, 2. Work – do the right thing the right way, and 3. Give Thanks. As a group choose a couple areas of insecurity and talk through what this process practically looks like in those situations.


Results are captivating and if we are not careful, we can make them ultimate in our life. Instead of focusing on results we are called to be faithful to the process which brings with it peace and freedom.