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In our society, we are drawn to the stories of heroes, whether they are on the movie screen or in our community. Heroes entertain and inspire us to dream and live courageously. The Scriptures contain many people who are considered heroes. They are people who did extraordinary things in the face of tremendous obstacles. During our series, “Age of Heroes,” we are going to examine some of their lives. They inspire us, not because of their ability, but because of their great God.



1.   If you had to choose a favorite superhero which one would you pick? What makes this hero your favorite?

 2.   Sometimes we find ourselves looking at people in the Bible as if they have some superhuman power that we can’t access. Why do you think we do this? Read James 5:17-18 as a group. How does this passage help us view people in the Bible accurately?

 3.   The story of Hosea is an example of God’s relationship to Israel. Instead of remaining faithful to God, Israel sought protection and provision from other sources. How are we like Israel in this way? What sources do we seek?

 4.   Read Romans 5:6-11 as a group. What word or phrase stands out to you? What does this passage say about God’s love for us? How might this love be different from the love we experience in the world?

 5.   God is a loving Father who has gone to great lengths to have a relationship with us. Why do you think it is sometimes hard for us to understand this type of love?

 6.   Read 1 John 4:11. What are a few practical ways we can apply this passage as individuals and as a group?  



God loves you more than you can comprehend. He proved His love by giving us His Son. From a heart of gratitude, we have the honor of sharing this love with a world who so desperately needs it.